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The Guide to Sarawak

is the latest in a series of guide

books that comprehensively describe an extraordinary country. It

takes an in-depth look at Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest and potentially

richest state, and reveals unique political stability, incredible natural

and social diversity and stunning investment opportunities. It

describes infrastructure and amenities, investment options and

economic opportunities in oil and gas, agriculture, natural resources,

halal products, education, healthcare and – most remarkably –

almost limitless supplies of renewable energy.

It provides information on Sarawak’s rich and romantic history,

and its uniquely autonomous politics and administration, and

includes a detailed directory of key contacts with implementing

agencies, potential investment partners and business and industry

associations. The Guide also takes the reader on a fascinating

Borneo adventure - to pristine rainforests with orangutans and giant

raesia flowers; to vibrant cultures who pride themselves on their

hospitality; and to dynamic modern cities and resorts that o€er

unparalleled leisure and lifestyle choices.

The Guide to Sarawak is researched and written by industry,

academic and government insiders from every sector, and each

chapter has a foreword by an acknowledged expert in each

field. It is also the latest volume of an ever-expanding series

of guidebooks covering the constituent States of Malaysia.