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had a total cargo throughput

of 3.63 million tonnes,

including dry bulk (1.1 mil),

containerised cargo (1.67 mil),

liquid bulk (0.4 mil tonnes),

and general cargo (0.11 mil).

Bintulu Port

Bintulu Port Authority

Tanjung Kidurong Road

P. O. Box 296, 97007 Bintulu



(086) 253 888 / 232 800


Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd

Lot 15, Block 20, Kemena Land District



MileTanjung Kidurong Road

P. O. Box 996, 97008 Bintulu



(086) 291 001


Bintulu Port is one of

the most modern and

efficient multi-purpose

ports in South East Asia.

It commenced operation

in 1983 and handles a

variety of general cargoes,

containerized cargoes, palm

oil products, liquid and dry

bulk cargoes.

With its natural deep

sea harbour, Bintulu Port

is the import and export

gateway for Sarawak, Brunei,

Indonesia, Philippines, and

the East ASEAN Growth

Area (BIMP-EAGA) region.

It is East Malaysia’s largest

container port and it is the

2nd largest LNG export

terminal in the world after

Qatar Gas.

In 2013, Bintulu handled

43.8 million tonnes of cargo,

including LNG (25.5 mil),

crude oil (3.9 mil), and

containerized cargo (4 mil).

This is expected to increase

as the Sarawak Corridor

for Renewable Energy

(SCORE) is implemented,

with additional shipments of

aluminium, pulp and paper,

silicon, manganese, fertilizer,

downstream timber, and

agro produce & products.

Tanjung Manis

Integrated Port

Tanjung Manis Integrated Port Sdn Bhd

Bandar BaruTanjung Manis

96150Tanjung Manis



(084) 613 010


Tanjung Manis, 26km from

the mouth of the Rejang

River, is one of three ports

servicing the Sarawak

Corridor of Renewable

Energy (SCORE) and the

designated port for the

Tanjung Manis Halal Hub

(see page ??). It has been

expanded with an oil, gas

and chemical (OGC) jetty

and an inland container

depot and can handle

vessels up to 32,000

GRT, making it a major

transhipment hub for central

Sarawak. It is linked by road

to all major towns in Sarawak

and has barge and trucking

services to Sibu.

In 2012, Tanjung

Manis handled

3.89 million

tonnes of cargo,

an increase

of 235% over

2011, including

93,459 TEUs of

containers. The

surge in volume

was due to OGC

jetty operations

and increased

capacity for

handling timber,

Tanjung Manis Integrated Port, gateway to the

Tanjung Manis Halal Hub and the heartland of

Central Sarawak.

Bintulu Port, with its vast natural harbor and the world’s 2


largest LNG

terminal, has driven the transformation of a sleepy fishing village into

Sarawak’s industrial powerhouse.