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Zone, has enabled Port

of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP)

to become the fastest

growing container port in

the region, reaching 1 million

TEUs within 571 days of

commencing operations.

It has since become the

third busiest container port

in Southeast Asia, the 17


busiest in the world and

the busiest in Malaysia,

registering 7.72 million TEUs

in 2012. Growth is driven

by its location in the Johor-

Singapore-Indonesia (JSI)

Triangle and is expected

to continue with the

development of Iskandar


PTP is one of seven ports

worldwide chosen by

Maersk Sealand, the world’s

largest container ship

operator, to handle all of its

operations, including a daily

service between the Far

East and Northern Europe.

PTP’s capacity will be

expanded to over 95 berths

with docking facilities for

mega-container vessels.

RM1.4 billion of investment

has been committed

starting from 2012.

Kuantan Port

Kuantan Port Authority

Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan

Tanjung Gelang, Peti Surat 161

25720 Kuantan, Pahang


(09) 585 8000


Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd

Wisma KPC, Km 25,Tanjung Gelang

25720 Kuantan, Pahang


(09) 586 3888 / 3889



Kuantan Port is an all-

weather deep sea port

facing the South China Sea

at Tanjung Gelang on the

east coast of Peninsular

Malaysia, 25km north of

Kuantan. It is the principal

maritime gateway for the

East Coast Economic


The port offers over 4

km of berthing, including

multipurpose, liquid

chemical, palm oil, mineral

oil, biodiesel and container

berths. The longest (240

metres) service vessels up to

40,000 DWT. Main cargoes

are liquid bulk (25%), break

bulk (22%), dry bulk (44%)

and containers (9%). In 2012,

the port handled 16.1 million

tonnes of cargo, including

136,000 TEUs of containers.

Plans are underway to

expand Kuantan Port to

handle ships of up to

200,000 DWT by 2016. The

proposed Malaysia-China

Kuantan Industrial Park

(MCKIP) in Gebeng is also

expected to be realised in

the near future.

Kemaman Port

Kemaman Port Authority

Telok Kalong, P.O. Box 66

24000 Kemaman,Terengganu


(09) 585 8000


Kemaman Port Consortium Sdn Bhd

P.O. Box 62, 24000 Kemaman



(09) 863 1590


Kemaman Port is located on

the east coast of Terengganu

near the town of Chukai,

facing the South China Sea.

Malaysia’s deepest seaport,

it is the crude oil and

iron ore pellet gateway of

Peninsular Malaysia. Its 2,158

The Kemaman Supply Base, part of Kemaman Port, operates round the clock in support of Malaysia’s offshore oil and

gas industry.