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Malaysia is fortunate that in addition to its recognised attractiveness as a holiday destination,

it can boast of an active and vibrant business environment.

As a developing nation, Malaysia has progressed rapidly since independence in 1957. Blessed

with abundant natural resources, the country has been able to leverage these benefits and

move rapidly from a mere exporter of raw materials, into a manufacturing and export oriented


Malaysia has ambitions to achieve high income nation status within a few years and a pro

active business environment, supported by a stable, business friendly government will ensure

that this target is achieved.

Tourism is a major element in Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme and will take

advantage of it’s many and varied natural attractions to further enhance the value of this

business sector and the overall quality of life that Malaysia is known for.

In today’s modern world, doing business is not just about financial and economic factors.

Increasingly global investors expect a quality environment both for business and living so that

their managers and staff can provide their best work in a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere.

Malaysia stands out in this regard with a superior business infrastructure embedded in a

quality living environment.

Within the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI), Malaysia’s

longest established Chamber of Commerce, we are able to see this working. Our one thousand

member companies, representing more than 30 nationalities, recognise Malaysia, not merely

as a secure investment destination, but as a comfortable place to live with all the amenities

for an excellent quality of life.

It is therefore my pleasure to introduce the “Malaysia Means Business” section of this latest

edition of The Guide to Malaysia. I believe it will be a welcome companion to explore the many

diverse opportunities for business and leisure in Malaysia.

Simon Whitelaw


Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI)