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Malaysia is an open economy, and we trade with almost every one of the 160 members of

the World Trade Organisation. And as Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister, I

interact with the business community across the world. However, often I find that many are

still not familiar with Malaysia.

In my briefings to the international business I always make it a point to display a map of

Malaysia. This is to place us in context in the region; to show Malaysia’s strategic location

within ASEAN and in Asia. I also share aspects of the country because these also provide a

glimpse of what Malaysia has to offer. It can also be the tipping point for corporate leaders

when they consider Malaysia as a business destination or for their next holiday.

Even in an era where information is readily available through electronic search engines, there

is still a need for quick access to more comprehensive information.

This Guide fills a gap for easier access to facts and figures on Malaysia. I would go so far as to

say that it functions as a “one-stop-centre” for information on Malaysia.

Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed

Minister of International Trade and Industry